My Beliefs

I am not asking you to agree with me. I am not telling you that your beliefs are wrong. The only purpose of this is to let you know how I feel about things. Do not tell me that I am wrong, and I will do my best to avoid interferring with your beliefs.

I am a athiest, and I do not believe in a higher being. My whole life I have watched good things happen as well as bad things. I do not believe that anyone intervened in these, or had any affect on them at all. I believe that things don't happen for a reason, but they happen because of the actions we as a whole decide to take.
The Death Penalty
I do not believe that killing people is a punishment. Taking away their lives along with the ability to make them suffer or realize the consequences of their crime is no way to prevent any good coming out of a horrible situation. Why spend the money on electricuting/poisoning/etc when that money could be spent on psychological treatment instead? Do we have that little faith in our doctors that we feel it makes more sense to end someone's life instead of making them realize what they've done?
I don't believe that War is the proper way to solve political disputes, however I strongly believe that when another country is being attacked, it is our duty as moral and ethical human beings to help them defend themselves from those who are unjustifiably attacking them. As long our countries leaders do not abuse this power, then i support our nation.
Censorship is a way of controlling a message that someone is trying to convey. Whether it be bleeping out swear words, or telling someone they can't talk about their views because the government doesn't believe in them, i am strongly against it. Too many people rely on censorship to control what their children watch on tv or see in the movies. I believe that if you love and care about your kids enough, you will take the time to discuss these censored images/ideas/words with them in order to explain to them what they are seeing/hearing.
Freedom of choice is important, however so is the right to live. I believe that abortion is a decision the mother must make by a certain point. After the mind begins to develop, I believe life has begun. From this point on, I strongly disagree with the decision to have an abortion. Life shouldn't be denied to someone because a decision couldn't be made. Before this point in development, I believe it is the parent's choice on what to do. Although it is there choice, i DEFINITELY do not believe that abortion should be used as a form of birth control.
Public Urinals
Scenario #1: Ok, so you walk into the restroom and there are three urinals. The one on the far right is being used. This means you must take the one on the far left. A buffer urinal must always be used if available.

Scenario #2: You walk into the same bathroom, but all three urinals are used. If a stall is available, you must use the stall instead of lingering behind 3 guys taking a piss. It's just more comfortable that way.